July Update - Our Growth Status


First of all, I'm not going to delude you, our customers.

Our Store is small, yet it's growing because we (my Wife and I) are still improving; 1- how it looks and feels, and 2- our product base.

Yes, there are just two of us running NULIVIN4U on Shopify. And honestly, we are not just writing checks to SHOPIFY so they can place all of their fancy templates and Apps onto out store. Our store will remain simple yet functional until we can afford to upgrade it.

SO! Where are we? We have developed over 80 unique T-Shirt designs with our own artwork and Slogans that we think will be interesting. We are using a vendor on Shopify that applies our designs to name brand T-Shirts, such as our favorite, FRUIT OF THE LOOM. 

Presently we have only sold a few products because we are NOT paying for advertising - YET! Once we have over 100 products, we will delve into the world of advertising and learn what is best for us there.

We know that some of our pages and links are "clunky" ,but again, we are doing everything ourselves on SHOPIFY FREE templates. 

Bear with us and keep checking our site out for new products. We will look better, one fix at a time.

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