We at NULIVIN4U provide several categories of Products for our Customers and we utilize several Associate partners who customize their products with our designs. Each of these partners operate as our dropshippers who; provide my store with their products and when you purchase a product, they immediately customize with our design for you, our customer, and then they handle the Billing and Shipping process as well. Each of our Associates has their own Shipping procedures, but they always strive to keep their costs low and their shipping timeframe as short as possible.

Because ours is a SHOPIFY store, and we utilize their AFFILIATES, to manage our Custom T-Shirt items as well as Clothing and Household items, we must abide by their SHIPPING Policies for these products.

They use high quality and fashionable name brand products such as Fruit of the Loom and others and they customize them with our UNIQUE DESIGNS.


Shopify and their partners use a weight-based pricing system. Items are normally shipped within 2-4 working days of being ordered and are shipped USPS FIRST CLASS or PRIORITY mail.


Our Rate Stamps and  the miscellaneous items we place on our FLEA MARKET page are shipped using USPS and will be shipped using weight and package size to determine the best price for shipping.