NULIVIN Scrub Pads - Remove Bugs from Windshields


  • $8.95


Windhsield SCRUB PADS

NULIVIN Scrub Pads are simple yet effective tools for removing BUGS from automobile windshields and the front of most automobiles.

The pads are handmade and the materials used are Nylon and Polyester. 


Dead Bugs can now be easier to clean from an automobile front end or the windshield with a NULIVIN SCRUB PAD.

Of course, the sooner you are able to remove these bug remains the better; but too often most people will wait for days, even weeks before they have the opportunity to try and remove the Bug remains on their vehicle. 

The longer the Bug remains stay on a surface they will have dried out and hardened. This is mostly because, at impact with an automobile the crushed body pieces will be mixed with the interior remains (or “guts”) which will literally act in combination similar to a glue. 

The average person will use a soft rag or even worse, a rough pad which itself might scratch the automobile glass or paint, and neither of these tools will efficiently or safely remove the typical hardened bug remains found on windshields.

These Bug remains can be softened, to a certain degree with a liquid, so rather than recommend the use of a specific windshield cleaner, we recommend that you follow our tried and true process for safely getting rid of Bug Remains,  

HOW TO USE Your Scrub Pads:

Step-1: The first thing you need to do is soak the Bug remains with water or your favorite windshield cleaner, if you prefer.

Step-2: Then allow the saturated Bug remains to sit for a couple of minutes for the liquid to soak further into the remains.

Step-3: Then, use the NULIVIN Scrub Pad and rub over the windshields surface in rotary motions and once done with an area, hose the loosened remains off of the surface.

Step-4: Wait a few minutes and then repeat the 3 steps one more time and you will have removed all but the most stubborn of the Bug remains on your automobile windshield.

There is no Magic to eliminating these Bugs, you simply need to; SOAK, WAIT, SCRUB, SOAK, WAIT SCRUB; until the bug remains have softened enough for your NULIVIN Scrub Pads to easily remove them. 
As mentioned, just using a rag is not effective in removing the bug remains still attached to the automobile, while many abrasive cleaning pads that can “scratch” a bug off can also damage your automobile’s windshield or paint.
The materials of these Scrub Pads are Nylon and Polyester and are effective enough to eliminate bug remains without the threat of possibly snatching the glass or the paint on a typical automobile. They are designed to be effective enough to remove bugs and yet not scratch the surface the bugs are attached to.
CARE: Thes pads are easy to clean and reuse several time and they are even machine washable.